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The world is increasingly fan of sweet potato.
Please find below some information and news about this amazing ingredient.


We believe that total sweet potato consumption in Europe will continue to increase in the next years, even doubling in the next 5/6 years. Also, we trust that European production share will increase from 20/25% of total consumption (2017) to around 50% of a much larger market in 2022/23.


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Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamins (A, C and B6), iron, magnesium, fiber and potassium, thus being good for human health, namely to the immunity system, blood, cell production, muscles, kidneys, bones, heart, nerves, skin and teeth.

The natural sugars of sweet potatoes are slowly released into the bloodstream, helping to ensure a balanced and regular source of energy, without the blood sugar spikes linked to fatigue and weight gain.

Sweet potatoes are high in carotenoids like beta carotene which helps strengthen our eyesight and boost our immunity to disease. Also, they are powerful antioxidants that help ward off cancer and protect against the effects of aging.

The CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) nominated sweet potatoes the leader in the top 10 best foods ranking

CSPI says that “sweet potatoes are nutritional superstars. They’re loaded with carotenoids and are a good source of potassium and fiber. Toss sweet potato wedges with a bit of olive oil and roast until tender and lightly browned. Sprinkle with a spice or two, such as cinnamon or chili.” In this list sweet potatoes rank first followed by mangoes, plain Greek yogurt, broccoli. wild salmon, oatmeal, garbanzo beans, watermelon, butternut squash and leafy greens.

  • Sweet Potatos

    Sweet Potatos

  • Mangoes


  • Plain (0%) Greek Yogurt

    Plain (0%) Greek Yogurt

  • Broccoli


  • Wild Salmon

    Wild Salmon

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