Sweet Potato


PBR/EU 57954
Vermillion’s main claim to fame is showy colours, with a vibrant purple-red skin and deep orange-coloured flesh. This bright skin coloration has good eye appeal to fresh markets, as well as a superior rich carrot like flavour, when baked. It grows well in sandy and heavier soil and the strong skin offers a very good conservation capacity. Disease characteristics are similar to Orleans.



Skin Color

Bright Red Skin

Flesh Color

Bright Yellow Flesh

Susceptible / Resistence
To Common Diseases

  • Soil rot: Resistant
  • Root knot: Susceptible
  • Fusarium Wilt: Resistant
  • Bacterial root rot: Intermediate
  • Rhizopus soft rot: Intermediate
  • Bacterial root rot: Susceptible
  • Fusarium root rot: Resistant