Sweet Potato


EU 51936
Ipomoea batatas ‘Orleans’ is in many ways a twin to ‘Beauregard’ - and at the same time an improvement. The smooth light rose skin and deep orange flesh is indistinguishable from ‘Beauregard’ so retail customers are still drawn as before. Even the sugar content is the same (11% total sugars in a baked product) as in Beauregard, but what makes ‘Orleans so outstanding for the growers is the regularity of the shape of the roots.



Skin Color

Light rose skin indistinguishable from Beauregard

Flesh Color

Orange flesh with an intensity similar to Beauregard

Susceptible / Resistence
To Common Diseases

  • Soil rot: Intermediate: Intermediate to Resistant
  • Root knot: Susceptible
  • Fusarium wilt: Resistant
  • Rhizopus soft rot: Resistant
  • Bacterial soft rot: Susceptible (Beauregard is Susceptible)
  • Fusarium root rot: Resistant