Sweet Potato


EU 51932
Ipomoea batatas ‘Evangeline’ is a premium orange flesh sweet potato variety. It has deep orange flesh and a beta carotene content 40% greater than the standard variety ‘Beauregard’. The skin is slightly red at harvest but fades to rose in storage. The flavor is unique. The sugar profiles are very different. Sucrose is the dominant sugar in ‘Evangeline’ which is perceived as a sweeter sugar compared to Maltose which is normally found in sweet potatoes.



Skin Color

Light rose skin; fades in storage; slightly more red than Beauregard at harvest.

Flesh Color

Intense deep orange flesh

Susceptible / Resistence
To Common Diseases

  • Soil rot: Intermediate - Resistant
  • Root knot: Highly resistant
  • Fusarium wilt: Resistant
  • Rhizopus soft rot: Resistant
  • Sclerotial blight: Susceptible
  • Fusarium root rot: Resistant