Sweet Potato


Developed at Louisiana State University in 1987, this variety may be the world’s most popular sweet potato. It is favored for high yields of uniform, reddish-purple potatoes with tasty, deep-orange flesh that keeps well in storage. It seems to have fewer problems with white grubs than some varieties and also resists cracking. Make sure that plants get plenty of sun to develop the maximum flavor and sweetness.



Skin Color

light rose skin, fades slightly in storage

Flesh Color

moderately deep orange

Susceptible / Resistence
To Common Diseases

  • Soil rot: Intermediate - Resistant
  • Root knot: Very Succeptable
  • Fusarium wilt: Resistant
  • Bacterial root rot: Susceptible
  • Rhizopus soft rot: Resistant
  • Sclerotial blight: Intermediate
  • Fusarium root rot: Resistant