Sweet Potato

Bayou Belle

EU 51940
BAYOU BELLE is a new deep orange flesh, red/purple skinned sweet potato. Sugar content is similar to Evangeline; however it has a more firm texture when baked. The crop cycle of Bayou Belle is 90 to 100 days, shorter than the Beaugard (110-120 days) and presents consistently yields 10 % higher than ‘Beauregard’. Shape is slightly improved over ‘Beauregard’, but root to root variability does exist. The days to harvest are similar to ‘Beauregard’. Disease characteristics are similar to ‘Beauregard’ except for higher levels of resistance to root knot nematode.

Bayou Belle


Skin Color

red to purple skin; fades slightly in storage, but very different from the light rose skin of Beauregard

Flesh Color

deep orange flesh, intermediate between Evangeline and Beauregard

Susceptible / Resistence
To Common Diseases

  • Soil rot: Intermediate - Resistant
  • Root knot: Intermediate to resistant
  • Fusarium wilt: Resistant
  • Rhizopus soft rot: Highly resistant
  • Fusarium root rot: Resistant